Month: July 2016

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving!?
“Oh, the kids these days! Back in my day, we didn’t text while we drove around places.”
Well, maybe not, older generations. But you certainly DID (fill in the blank) while doing so!

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage – Salvation for your Data

Cloud Storage - Salvation for your Data, but not You

It’s not just we humans who need saved from our sin nature. Our data needs saving too. And the cloud’s become the place where salvation occurs. Gone are the floppy disks, the ZIP and JAZZ drives, the CDs and DVDs, and to some extent, even the USB drives. The major benefit of the cloud, besides the increase in storage space it affords? You can’t easily misplace something that you don’t physically possess.

On the Psychiatrist’s Sofa

On the Psychiatrist’s Sofa a.k.a. Sofa Psychosis

The Psychiatrist’s Sofa Expressing Itself

Psychiatrist's sofa expressing its feelings

Sometimes it’s the unexpected who are hurting the most.

Spokesmodel Speak: An Art Form

Putting the “Spoke” in Spokesmodel

Spokesmodel Speak

Spokesmodel speech
According to, a spokesmodel is an attractive or otherwise appealing person who is hired to speak on behalf of a company or product, as in a commercial. I can’t imagine being hired as a spokesmodel and being told, “We didn’t find you the least bit attractive, but we gave you the gig because you were appealing otherwise.” Some spokesmodels start their careers by doing the beauty pageant competition circuit. The interview competition within certain pageants are fascinatingly odd, and serve as the subject for today’s cartoon.