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Academy Awards Trivia – Answers to Oscar-winning Movies

Academy Awards Trivia

In celebration of the Academy Awards, we at Art|Tech Circle recently put together twenty five image puzzles.  Each of the images depicts an Oscar-winning movie from the past.

Hopefully, you discovered this little diversion and were able to come up with all of the answers.  If not, you can go to the 25 puzzles X page now before checking out the answers below.

Okay.  Now hopefully you’ve had a chance to review the puzzles.  So without much further adieu, the answers.
Ready?  Here they come. Consider yourselves sufficiently warned.

Academy Awards Trivia answers

1) The King’s Speech
2) The Hurt Locker
3) Million Dollar Baby
4) The English Patient
5) The Silence of the Lambs
6) Dances with Wolves
7) Driving Miss Daisy
8) Kramer Vs. Kramer
9) Shakespeare in Love
10) Crash
11) Casablanca
12) An American in Paris
13) Out of Africa
14) My Fair Lady
15) No Country for Old Men
16) Midnight Cowboy
17) The Last Emperor
18) West Side Story
19) A Beautiful Mind
20) The Sting
21) Braveheart
22) All about Eve
23) A Man for all Seasons
24) The Lost Weekend
25) How Green was My Valley

Academy Awards Trivia – Guess Oscar-winning Movies

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