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Stuck on Details in the Board Meeting

Board Meeting Table

Getting caught up in the wrong details at the board meeting…

board meeting table

West Banksy – Sublime Art

When I fell for the Work of a Cheeky Street Artist by the Name of Banksy

You may know the enigmatic British street artist Banksy from the film
Exit through the Gift Shop
Dude’s got skill. Not many would dispute this assessment, based on his prolific graffiti work. But he might have gone down in history as solely a gimmick-trick pony, the sort of figure who would inspire critics to say, “He was so talented. If only…” Until…

Banksy visited the West Bank. There he showcased some incredibly simple yet profound artwork, affixed along a wall that separates one people from another. It was while watching the evening news that I first learned of these images along the West Bank. And it was then that I first started to truly cheer on the audacity of the artist and to really care about his art.

Banksy homage