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Land of Outdated Tech Tools

Welcome to the Land of Misfit, Outdated Tech Tools

As Christmas approaches, I thought I’d pay a little homage to one of the all-time great Christmas specials, created by the all-time great Christmas special producer.

The Land of Misfit, Outdated Tech Tools

I Can’t See My Halo

I Can’t See my Halo

Angelic baby finds new use for halos

Venn Diagrams with TMI

Venn Diagrams with TMI

Venn diagrams have the potential to reveal TMI


Here’s more info (but not too much) on Venn diagrams.

NYC Subway – Particle Collider

NYC Subway – The Real Particle Collider

NYC Subway – The Real Particle Collider

Cloud Storage - Salvation for your Data, but not You

Yes, there’s a particle collider in France. But I propose that more collisions are happening on a daily basis on the New York Subways.

America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America's Got Talent: Amerigo

A little joke in recognition of the return to television of one of our nation’s favorite television shows, “America’s Got Talent.”

Excuses, Excuses

Making Excuses: A Talent Quickly Mastered


Though some skills are years of training and education in the making, others come quite naturally.

Of Certain Mice (Lab Rats) and Men

Lab Rats are of Great Benefit to Men

lab rats in a scientific experiment maze

Rats. They have the icky factor in spades. Needless to say, these vermin are unwanted. But that is exactly why they are valuable to us humans.  They have been purposed, above all other creatures, for scientific testing.  They are not so much our enemies, these lab rats.  They are our surrogates.

Here’s a fairly thorough article which details the history of the lab rat:

Check out the story and then, the next time you see one of these fine little fellows, you’ll be thanking them for how they’re helping humanity before you let out a blood-curdling scream.

Weekly Cartoon Panel – Bigfoot Growth Spurt

Bigfoot Leaves an Impression

Bigfoot and Littlerfoot
Bigfoot is my favorite mysterious creature.  Yep.  BF is my BFF.  I can identify with him more readily than the other camera shy monster types.  For one, he walks upright–just like I’ve been doing since about 11 months.  And, like me, he’s American (Washington state counts, right?).   Sorry Nessie.  I may have some Scottish roots, but I’ve never called her home.

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it is often called, is also presumably a forest lover. The same goes for me.  We both have hair and we both like to walk around barefoot.  I cannot imagine him in a pair of Tevas, and I sincerely doubt that Timberlands come in BF sizes.

But what I might find most appealing about the Sasquatch is his take home factor.  Bigfoot, I feel, would be the easiest creature to domesticate.  The Jersey Devil might assault (or worse, eat) your loved ones and aliens might do similar, though by more high tech means.  No aquarium at the pet store is going to be able to contain the Loch Ness Monster (or Champ, his relative known to inhabit Lake Champlain).  Conversely, you’d be able to invite Bigfoot home to meet the family.  A solitary sort, Bigfoot would naturally take to games of hide ‘n seek with the children, and if you’ve a daughter, she’d enjoy combing out his hair.  But be wary of mites and burrs.  And don’t ask him to play kickball with your loved ones, as injuries are certain to occur.  And buy earplugs, ‘cuz the snoring!  And also, consider dowsing him with a strong-scented perfume or cologne, ‘cuz the smell! Hmmm…maybe Sasquatch is best left to the wilds after all.

Academy Awards Trivia – Guess Oscar-winning Movies

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