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Brexit: No UK, OK?

Brexit: No UK, OK?

Brexit: The British are Going! The British are Going!

On March 29, the UK government started the process to withdraw from the European Union, following last summer’s vote to leave.

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America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America's Got Talent: Amerigo

A little joke in recognition of the return to television of one of our nation’s favorite television shows, “America’s Got Talent.”

Telling Stories around the Fire

Fire – the Storyteller’s Fundamental Friend

It’s such a treat to listen to a story that’s told by a fire—

storytelling by the fire


especially an outdoor fire (apologies to presidential fireside chats and digital firespaces of the 21st century).  The snaps and hisses of burning wood provide a lovely soundtrack to accompany the teller’s spoken words.  The dancing light and shadows created by the flame add drama to the teller’s face.  The lighting and music established, the storyteller need only be concerned with his or her primary function: to tell the story.

Mysteries and tales of revenge and horror play out especially well by the evening blaze, but any tale will do.  Before theater popcorn and movies, youngsters would be drawn to these natural outdoor cineplexes.  Here, the same source would light the stage and pop the kernels.  Here, they’d gather to be mesmerized, and often to be scared to death by the storyteller’s tale.  No Hollywood director had so intimate an encounter with an audience.

The next time you’re looking to escape modern entrapments, go and experience a story delivered in the age old way. Yes, consider calling on a friend who owns a fire pit.  Or better yet, build one yourself. Then you’ll have a story to tell.

The Underground: 10 Mysterious Subterranean Urban Sites in America

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