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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage – Salvation for your Data

Cloud Storage - Salvation for your Data, but not You

It’s not just we humans who need saved from our sin nature. Our data needs saving too. And the cloud’s become the place where salvation occurs. Gone are the floppy disks, the ZIP and JAZZ drives, the CDs and DVDs, and to some extent, even the USB drives. The major benefit of the cloud, besides the increase in storage space it affords? You can’t easily misplace something that you don’t physically possess.

On the Psychiatrist’s Sofa

On the Psychiatrist’s Sofa a.k.a. Sofa Psychosis

The Psychiatrist’s Sofa Expressing Itself

Psychiatrist's sofa expressing its feelings

Sometimes it’s the unexpected who are hurting the most.

Spokesmodel Speak: An Art Form

Putting the “Spoke” in Spokesmodel

Spokesmodel Speak

Spokesmodel speech
According to, a spokesmodel is an attractive or otherwise appealing person who is hired to speak on behalf of a company or product, as in a commercial. I can’t imagine being hired as a spokesmodel and being told, “We didn’t find you the least bit attractive, but we gave you the gig because you were appealing otherwise.” Some spokesmodels start their careers by doing the beauty pageant competition circuit. The interview competition within certain pageants are fascinatingly odd, and serve as the subject for today’s cartoon.

Stuck on Details in the Board Meeting

Board Meeting Table

Getting caught up in the wrong details at the board meeting…

board meeting table

Airport Delay

Airport Delay

airport delay

Airport security can cause problems for the anxious and insecure.

America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America’s Got Talent: Amerigo

America's Got Talent: Amerigo

A little joke in recognition of the return to television of one of our nation’s favorite television shows, “America’s Got Talent.”

Glass Ceiling No More

Glass Ceiling No More

Glass ceiling replacement

Excuses, Excuses

Making Excuses: A Talent Quickly Mastered


Though some skills are years of training and education in the making, others come quite naturally.

On Stats about stats

Too much Weight Given to Stats

men discuss stats

Analytics! Sounds like a substitute curse word for Shaggy of the Scooby Doo gang. Zoinks! And it’s a bit of a mystery to me why statistics seem to be overtaking common sense and the good ‘ol fashioned eyeball in governing business decisions. Consider the practice of applying metrics to talent evaluation in the world of sports (see here For example). The capabilities of athletes are being projected based on statistical research as much as on watching their highlight reels.

Social media decisions are driven by data as well. Moreover, The number of hits, friends, reTweets, etc. that a person amasses on their accounts can genuinely affect their emotional outlook on said media, on communication, on their relationships, on their life even.

I’m calling for a simple backpedal. Let’s allow statistics to help promote our decisions not determine them.

Of Certain Mice (Lab Rats) and Men

Lab Rats are of Great Benefit to Men

lab rats in a scientific experiment maze

Rats. They have the icky factor in spades. Needless to say, these vermin are unwanted. But that is exactly why they are valuable to us humans.  They have been purposed, above all other creatures, for scientific testing.  They are not so much our enemies, these lab rats.  They are our surrogates.

Here’s a fairly thorough article which details the history of the lab rat:

Check out the story and then, the next time you see one of these fine little fellows, you’ll be thanking them for how they’re helping humanity before you let out a blood-curdling scream.

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